The Tao of Ciao

In my kitchen you will not find a microwave, as I prefer and honor the cooking techniques of my grandmothers. Here we do all of our preparation by hand, and cook in a similar manner the ancients used to bring food to the table. I am fascinated with the process of cooking with wood and fire, and am passionate about this rustic form of cuisine. I prefer to cook and eat the food of people who live close to the land. I am inspired by and drawn to the food of the farmer, the peasant, and those without the means to host lavish feasts. I believe that the quality of food should be measured by the time it takes to get from the field to the plate. I believe that cooking simplicity leads to cooking perfection.

Mark Laska - Owner of Ciao

The Finest Neapolitan Pizza

We are dedicated to serving you the finest Neapolitan pizza this side of Italy. We use the freshest local and highest quality imported ingredients to make everything by hand -- the old-fashioned way! Each and every day we make our own fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomato sauce, and our pizza dough. Each pizza is hand-crafted and fired in our specially made wood burning oven at a blazing 800 degrees.

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