Hi, my name is Bethany Gattis. Almost a year ago, I was brought into the ciao family as Beverage Director to transform your experience in the lounge. Hopefully, you have come to enjoy the new Italian spirits, cocktails, beers, and wines that we have brought to your table. With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the wine industry, I would like to curate a series of tastings so that you can experience my most favorite, life-changing fruits of the vine.

If you have a passion for wine or simply would like to develop your own understanding of what is in your glass, I would like to provide you with the opportunity to be immersed in the art of Italian winemaking.

Each month, I will choose four wines. These wines are produced from family-owned, small production, hand-harvested, sustainable, (and mostly organic growers), who represent the absolute finest in Italian artisan winemaking.

Meet the Maestro 
One of the finest winemakers in Italy is Antonio Sanguineti. With several wines in his portfolio, Antonio collaborates with many other vintners and represents dozens more. He is known throughout Italy as " Il Maestro." Together, Antonio and I would like to introduce you to some wines you might otherwise never be able to taste because of the small production size.

You are cordially invited to be among a very exclusive number in our virtual tasting room.

How it works

1. Choose your selection for $40 (choose from each month's Featured Four wines — choose 1btl red & 1 btl white, 2 btls of white, or 2 btls of red) 

2. Submit your selection by the 15th of each month (Your wine will be available the following Friday.)

3. We will have a date scheduled by the 15th for an exclusive invitation-only virtual tasting/education session with Meet The Maestro.

4. You will receive an invitation for the session along with the ability to reorder any of the featured wines for the month with a 5% discount.

Don't forget to add :
Antipasto plate, or Dinner for your experience!